Due to the number of children catechism more, should you father and communities are contributing to construct a new building for the children catechism and the clubs activities.

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Our Lady of Lavang Parish

2018 PSA campaign for our Diocese of Orange

The Pastoral Services Appeal (PSA) is an annual campaign to support our parishes, schools and ministries in the Diocese of Orange. The PSA runs from January 1 to December 31 of every calendar year, and for the 2018 PSA, you have through December 31, 2018 to complete your pledge. Thank you for your generosity!


Our parish has monthly Baptism for Children (bilingual Vietnamese-English), from 7 years old and under, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM, every Sunday in the second week of each month.

Mass Schedule

Saturday: 6:00PM (Vietnamese & English) Sunday: 4:30PM Youth (English)


Download form and things to do before wedding at Our Lady of Lavang.


Please contact Our Lady of Lavang Office (714) 775-6200, or our pastor Joseph Luan Nguyen, extension 201.


Why do we need to build the SHRINE and BUILDING

Welcome to Our Lady of La Vang. This is the year we celebrate our 10th year anniversary. Together our parish invite you to share our contribution especially a campaign for new building and Shrine of Our Lady of Lavang. God bless you.


Sunday of Divine Mercy, April 22, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Last week on Tuesday, Bishop Kevin Vann came and confirmed 77 Confirmation students of our parish. They are full of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I hope that the parents will continue to support your children in their faith journeys by encouraging them to attend mass on weekends, make regular daily prayers and to try to avoid the near occasions of sin.
Bishop Vann is still in need of our support for 2018 Pastoral Service Appeal, so please continue to support him with your best effort. We are also in need of your support for our parish projects, namely the new pastoral building and the Grand Shrine of Our Lady of Lavang. Please consider making your generous donations. May God, through the intercession of Our Lady of La Vang, bless all of you for your love and support for our parish!

Sincerely yours in Christ and Our Lady of La Vang!

Reverend Joseph Luan Nguyen, Pastor


May baptism will be held on Saturday 5/5/2018 at 3:30PM in Spanish, and on Sunday 5/13/18 at 2:00PM in Vietnamese. Please call the office for pre-baptismal class dates. Thank you.

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First Communion Program students will have their First Reconciliation on Thursday May 10, 2018 at 7PM. Please continue to pray for these students as they prepare for this important Sacrament in their lives.

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Confirmation Program Students II

The Sacrament of Confirmation will be held on Tuesday April 17, 2018 at 5:00pm by Bishop Kevin Vann Please continue to pray for these students as they prepare for this important Sacrament in their lives.

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We are asking for palm branches to use for Palm Sunday. If you have palm branches, please bring them on Friday March 23, 2018 and leave them on the tables at the patio. Thank you for your kindness!

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Lenten and Holy week SCHEDULE 2018

LENTEN SCHEDULE Passion of the Lord Play Monday 3/23/2018 Palm Sunday 3/25/2018 6:30AM - Mass (Vietnamese) 8:30AM - Mass(Vietnamese) 10:30AM - Mass (Vietnamese) 12:15PM - Procession 12:30PM - Mass (Spanish) 4:30PM - Mass (English) 6:30PM - Mass (Vietnamese) HOLY WEEK...

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Mass Schedule

Monday 8:30 am: Vietnamese Tuesday 8:30 am: Spanish Wednesday 8:30 am: Vietnamese Thursday 8:30 am: Spanish Friday 8:30 am: Vietnamese

Saturday 8:00 am: Vietnamese Saturday 6:00 pm : Vietnamese & English Saturday 8:00 pm: Spanish

Sunday 6:30 am: Vietnamese Sunday 8:30 am: Vietnamese Sunday 10:30 am: Vietnamese Sunday 12:30 pm: Spanish Sunday 4:30 pm: English (Youth) Sunday 6:30 pm: Vietnamese