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Please respond generously to the PSA.

Your participation in the Pastoral Services Appeal makes a real and tangible impact on lives in our parishes, schools and communities. The very future of our faith depends on how we celebrate our blessings today and how we choose to share them. Please respond generously to the PSA. Thank you and God Bless.

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Emergency Hotline:  (714) 454-8430


Our parish has monthly Baptism for Children (bilingual Vietnamese-English), from 7 years old and under, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM, every Sunday in the second week of each month.

Mass Schedule

Saturday: 6:00PM (Vietnamese & English)
Sunday: 4:00PM Youth (English)



Download form and things to do before wedding at Our Lady of Lavang.


Please contact Our Lady of Lavang Office (714) 775-6200, or our administrator Toma Kiet Pham.


GX Our Lady of La Vang live stream Mass schedule:

Vietnamese Mass: 8:30AM (Mon-Fri) Spanish Mass: 8:30AM (Fri) Vietnamese Mass: 8:00AM (Sat) Sunday Mass: 8:30AM

Thank you to all who joined the online Mass at Our Lady of La Vang Church in Santa Ana, California. Please support the parish by donating at Or send your contribution to: Our Lady of La Vang 288 S Harbor Blvd, Santa Ana, CA 92704

You can text your donation amount to (844) 953-0566.

Sunday, June 16, 2024 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ! 

The word “parents” constitutes both the father and the mother. However, because of his unique role and distinct responsibility in the family, the father may be treated differently and superficially because of certain circumstances. First, the masculine personality of the father always makes him dry, tough, and so serious to get along with his children. Unlike the mother who always talks to her children with love, nurtures them with care, observes their mood, and encourages them with kindness, the father has a hard time expressing his feelings in words or actions. Second, the father is generally considered to be the head of the family. He must take care of the basic needs and ex-penses of the household. Therefore, unlike the mother, who always takes care of the house and surrounds her children, the father is always absent from home, family gatherings or special events of his children because of his responsibility to earn an income, through a job. Lastly, the father always takes the role of the “bad” cop to collaborate with and to back up the mother as the “good” cop in the house. He must educate the children to follow rules in the house, manage their own schedule, achieve success in their career, overcome all the challenges, balance their life, make the right decisions, and become stronger people in mind. 

Sadly, many children cannot see, feel, and experience his unconditional love, true sacrifice, and daily care for them, because they neither accept the natural character of their father, nor recognize the burden on his shoulders, nor understand his special role in the family. Like a man who scatters the seed and then collects the outcome without any awareness of how the seed must grow and bear fruit, many children reach maturity and success without any awareness of how their father’s efforts supported them along the way. 

Therefore, on Father’s Day, let us reaffirm our love, understanding, and respect for our fathers. This little start may help us to plant a tree of love on which “the birds of the sky can dwell in its shade” (Mk 4:32). 

Sincerely yours in Jesus Christ and Our Lady of La Vang! 

Reverend Kiet Anh Ta. 


The Spanish Adult Confirmation class will begin on February 25, 2024 at 2:00PM in room 001. Please stop by the parish office to register. Please bring a copy of your Baptism and First Communion certificate.


Sacrament of Baptism is celebrated on the every month. For Vietnamese, the celebration will be on the 2nd Sunday at 2:00PM. For Spanish, the celebration will be on the 1st Saturday at 3:00PM. Please contact the office at (714) 775-6200 for more information regarding...


Next weekend our special collection will support the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. About 38 million people in the United States live in poverty. This fundraiser funds programs that empower people to identify and address the obstacles they face to bring...

PSA for 2024

We will kick start PSA for 2024 this weekend. Please bring home PSA envelopes. Your participation in the Pastoral Services Appeal makes a real and tangible impact on lives in our parishes, schools and communities. The very future of our faith depends on how we...

Mass Schedule


Monday 8:30 am: Vietnamese
Tuesday 8:30 am: Vietnamese
Wednesday 8:30 am: Vietnamese
Thursday 8:30 am: Spanish
Friday 8:30 am: Vietnamese


Saturday 8:00 am: Vietnamese
Saturday 6:00 pm : Vietnamese & English


Sunday 6:30 am: Vietnamese
Sunday 8:30 am: Vietnamese
Sunday 10:30 am: Vietnamese
Sunday 12:30 pm: Spanish
Sunday 4:00 pm: English (Youth)
Sunday 6:00 pm: Vietnamese

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

We are reaching out to you with heartfelt enthusiasm as we embark on a meaningful journey to support Our Lady of Lavang Shrine, a place that holds immense significance in our community. This sacred space is not just a physical structure; it is a beacon of faith, unity, and spiritual solace for all who seek refuge within its walls. As we come together to raise funds for the preservation and enhancement of Our Lady of Lavang Shrine, we invite each one of you to be an integral part of this noble endeavor. Your contribution, big or small, will play a vital role in ensuring that this shrine continues to be a sanctuary where souls find comfort, hope, and inspiration. Let us unite in the spirit of generosity and shared devotion, demonstrating our collective commitment to sustaining the legacy of Our Lady of Lavang Shrine. Together, we can make a lasting impact and secure the future of this sacred haven for generations to come. Thank you for your unwavering support and may Our Lady of Lavang bless each one of you abundantly.