Pastor’s Corner

Sunday, September 19, 2021
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Father Frank Tajerano wants to express his appreciation to our parishioners who have supported him last week- end’s masses. Our parish just began the Catechetical Programs for Confirmation and First Communion stu- dents! To nurture our children’s development to be good Catholics, we need to invest our time for them at our parish as well. Parents, I hope that you will continue to be involved by volunteering to help as a Catechist or with security watch when classes are in session. Please also bring your children to Saturday Vigil or Sunday mass every week so they can practice their faith. Our children’s future will be great because each one of you cares about their faith and the values we share in the Church. Again, I am very grateful to all of you for your love, support, and generosity to our parish. May God bless you always!

Today’s readings invite us to become great in the sight of God by doing God’s will, as Jesus did, surrendering our lives in loving service of others. The passage from the Book of Wisdom sounds like a Messianic prophecy similar to the “Suffering Servant” prophecy in Isaiah. This reading tells us how the world often ill-treats those who strive to live justly and to do God’s will. It refers to Christ’s passion and urges us to choose the path of righteousness in spite of painful consequences, as Jesus did. In today’s Psalm, (Ps 54), the Psalmist prays for help against the insolent people who rise against the upright. The second reading is in tune with today’s Gos- pel, which describes the disciples arguing about who the greatest among them is. James reminds us that, instead of serving one another, we are jealous and envious of one another, we fight and kill one another, and we wage war because we covet others’ goods. James warns us that selfish ambitions destroy peace and cause conflicts in our country, local communities, churches, and families. Hence, he advises us to choose the path of righteous- ness and humble, loving service, which leads to lasting peace. Jesus, in today’s Gospel, shows us the path pro- posed by the first and second readings-lovingly embracing and serving the vulnerable in our midst, namely, the defenseless children, the despairing poor, the terrified, the mentally ill, the marginalized, the disabled, and the refugees of war. True greatness lies in our ability to see and respond to the needs of others and it presupposes compassion and sympathy. The Christian vocation is an apostolate of bearing witness to Christ through lov- ing service. Jesus also teaches his disciples that child-like humility and loving, selfless service make one great in the eyes of God.

The message for us to ponder this week is that we must become great through loving, humble, and self-giving service. Greatness, in Jesus' view, is found in our willingness to accept, welcome, and serve, with love, those who are considered unacceptable and undeserving by reason of class, color, religion, poverty, or culture.

Sincerely yours in Jesus Christ and Our Lady of La Vang!

Rev. Joseph Luan Nguyen


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